Harston, Cambridgeshire

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Ley Construction

Photographs by Mr. Chris Netton

A very narrow site and a requirement for a triple garage set the tone for this design challenge. Our client was brave enough to push us all the way down an overtly contemporary design, quite unlike any other dwelling in the immediate vicinity.

Concerns with overlooking of our neighbours and our client were of paramount concern, when developing the design, and this called for low eaves with no high level windows along the boundaries.

Because of the restrictions on window positioning, great care had to be taken to ensure plenty of natural light entered the building.

This is the first project we used our BIM (building information modelling) software on. The client benefited from regular updates of the model allowing them to explore the building in 3 dimensions on their IPad and computer at their leisure. Many tweaks to the design took place through this process, ensuring the finished house fitted exactly with what our client had envisaged.

The house takes on a different character at night, with the over sailing roof seeming to float over the brickwork, separated by a ribbon of glass.

The house has achieved an energy rating of a high B – a great achievement for a building of this size.